The history and evolution of virtual reality

2 min readJan 7, 2023

VR, or virtual reality, is a technology that allows users to interact with a simulated environment as if it were real. It has existed in various forms for decades, but it wasn’t until the 2010s that it gained widespread acceptance. In this blog, we’ll look at the history and evolution of virtual reality, as well as how it evolved into the immersive technology that it is today.

The origins of virtual reality can be traced back to the 1960s, when cinematographer Morton Heilig invented the “Sensorama,” a machine that simulated sensory experiences for the user. It consisted of a seat in which the user sat, a screen in front of them, and a number of other features.

The first VR headset, called the “EyePhone,” was introduced in the 1980s by a company called VPL Research. It was a clumsy, cumbersome device that was far from practical for everyday use, but it laid the groundwork for today’s VR headsets.

VR arcades emerged in the 1990s, where users could pay to experience VR games and simulations. For a time, these arcades were popular, but the high cost of VR technology at the time made them less accessible to the general public.

VR technology began to advance at a rapid pace in the 2010s. Consumer-grade VR headsets were made more affordable and accessible than ever before by companies such as Oculus, HTC, and Sony. Motion sensors and high-resolution displays were used in these headsets.

VR technology is now used in a wide range of applications, ranging from gaming and entertainment to education and training. It has the potential to transform a variety of industries as well as the way we experience and interact with the world around us.

As VR technology advances and becomes more widely available, we can expect to see even more creative applications in the future. Who knows what the next step in virtual reality evolution will bring?




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